Standing for the truth – PDO

Denominação de Origem Protegida (Protected Origin Designation)

The Soul of the true Serra da Estrela

Raw milk, cardoon flower, salt and nothing more. A genuine Serra da Estrela. 100% natural. 100% PDO. A cheese with body and soul.

And so it is Queijo Vale da Estrela, produced with Bordaleira’s sheep breed from Serra da Estrela, only; and exclusively fed in the pastures of Serra da Estrela’s particular region. Cardoon flower and salt are added to this unique milk to curdle it. Cheese curds are then strained and transformed in cheese by the hands of the male and female cheesemakers.

It is very simple: if you’d like a genuine Serra da Estrela, the following symbols should be on it

– The European symbol of the denominação de origem protegida (PDO), allowing an easier identification and quality statement in the international markets.

– Casa da Moeda’s (national mint) hologram, with a serial number.

– The casein mark, stuck under the cheese, with a serial number – is the cheese’s “fingerprint”, since there aren’t two cheeses with the same serial number.

– The Dairy’s license number.

A true Serra Estrela warranty

Denominação de Origem Protegida (Protected Origin Designation), best-known as PDO, is the certification, which allows us to distinguish a genuine Queijo Serra da Estrela.

A challenging certification, which ensures the quality and authenticity of a traditional product, according to the following high standards:
– The cheese is produced within the region of Serra da Estrela.
– It is made of raw milk of Bordaleira or Churra Mondegueira’s sheep breeds from Serra da Estrela, only, which are exclusively fed in the pastures of the particular region of Serra da Estrela.

– As for the milk, one can add cardoon flower only, which can also be found in this particular region, and salt.
– The milk and the certified dairy are required to comply with strict food hygiene, health and safety regulation.
– Finally, the cheese will be evaluated by an expert panel to evaluate its taste, texture, aromas… and it is required to get 15 points at least.


A region that preserves in its valleys all the knowledge regarding the true cheese