Vale da Estrela started exporting to France

On March, Vale da Estrela Dairy started the process of exporting to France, in a business partnership with PRIM LAND, where it was selected to be part of the PDO Cheese supply at the opening of biggest Store of Portuguese Products, in the outskirts of Paris, Saint-Maximin, with 4.500m2.

PRIM LAND retail chain was created in 1988, mainly located in Paris and its outskirts and in Brussels, Belgium, as well.
The exported products are QUEIJO SERRA DA ESTRELA PDO and QUEIJO DE OVELHA CURADO VELHO (Aged Sheep Cheese PDO). The great acceptance seen in the cheese tasting at last week’s opening of the new store, allows us to predict an increase in the orders for both articles.

This incursion in a highly knowledgeable and cheese producer country and its acceptance of a unique product such as QUEIJO SERRA DA ESTRELA PDO, turned out to work as an irrefutable proof of the quality of Queijo Serra da Estrela PDO Vale da Estrela.
VALE DA ESTRELA DAIRY’s products can also be found in Romainville PRIM LAND Store.