Vale da Estrela exports to France through one of the finest French cheese affinage companies


On March, Vale da Estrela Dairy started the process of exporting to France, to CANTIN, a company owned by Marie-Anne Cantin, one of the finest French affineurs. The brand CANTIN was created in 1950 and represents approximately 180 French Cheese references, most of them PDO.

This business partnership allowed the entrance of Queijo da Serra da Estrela PDO Vale da Estrela into the CANTIN’s retail brand; Following a wide range of actions and tastings to ascertain its quality and rating it as a unique delicacy in the world; it was unanimously accepted that it shall have a special place in the future supply to all Parisian residents.

From 1950, CANTIN is exclusively dedicated to the affinage and promotion of the finest French cheeses, managing over 150 stores within Monoprix retail chain, thus allowing us to predict this business partnership to have all the ingredients to be successful in the French lands.